Summer Camp Programs - June & July, 2018

Posted on February 05, 2018

2018 Summer Camp

We are proud to host a number of programs this summer! Camps available for ages 3-5 years and K-2nd grades will focus on language development, social skills, and peer interaction. Camps available for ages 7th -10th grades highlight peer interaction while teaching coping strategies (i.e. emotional intelligence, anger management, etc.). No diagnosis is required to participate. Preschool Language Camp – 5 weeks available K-2nd grade Language/Social Skills Camp – 5 weeks available; 7th – 10th grade Social Skills/Emotional Regulation Camp - 2 weeks available.

Camp SAIL Flyer (ages 3-5 and grades Kindergarten - 2nd grade)
Camp SAIL Flyer (grades 3-6)
Camp SEA Flyer (grades 7-10)

For information or to register, call 251.210.1632 ext. 104!