Warrior Challenge Fundraiser March 2021 for new playground

As many of you know, our playground was destroyed in Hurricane Sally. Our foundation has put together a fundraiser for a new playground, and you and your friends can be a part from anywhere in the world! The event is called Warrior Challenge, and registration is open!

The Warrior Challenge is a walking or running challenge completed during the month of March. You choose your challenge—31 miles, 65 miles, or 100 miles. (It’s supposed to be a challenge, so pick a goal that will stretch you!) The miles can be completed anywhere and anytime throughout the month! You can track your miles with a smart watch, or a free app downloaded to your phone (i.e. run keeper, map my run, Strava, Adidas, etc.). Participants will join our private Facebook group for daily encouragement and can log miles weekly through an easily submitted online form. All participants will be divided into 1 of 2 teams (Team Green or Team Blue), and we will have a friendly competition to encourage each team to collectively achieve more miles. The team with the most miles at the end of the month is the winner! There will also be fun additional challenges throughout the month posted in the group.

By joining our Warrior Challenge, you can give children with autism and other special needs a place to play, learn, and participate in therapeutic activities!

The entry fee is $30 for adults and $ 15 for kids and comes with a Warrior Challenge t-shirt. Adults and children are welcome to join! Join today and invite your friends!

Click HERE to register!

Click HERE to register!