Darla Dixon, R.N., B.S.N.


Darla is the heart and soul of the American Autism and Rehabilitation Center. A Registered Nurse by education, she started HemaCare Plus, a specialty pharmacy, out of a deep desire to provide superb care and resources to the bleeding disorder community. After her grandson was diagnosed with autism, and finding very few resources in the community to assist him, she learned first-hand how difficult the road can be for special-needs families. Watching her grandson and daughter struggle, her vision grew beyond her bleeding disorder patients, as she felt a calling to open the American Autism & Rehabilitation Center

Her passion for every child with a disability runs deep. Her goal is to see every child or adult with special needs grow into happy, healthy, well-educated, self-sufficient and productive citizens of society. If you happen to see her, you will get a glimpse of the passion she has for her patients, the children, and families at the center. Darla will be quick to tell you that, "Staffing highly educated, extremely passionate, extraordinary directors of every department, and then entrusting them to hire and train support staff to carry out the mission, has allowed the center to thrive in astonishing ways. The success and positivity verbalized by hundreds of families, is directly related to the compassion and extraordinary staff that we have. They truly connect with these precious children. They are incredible."

Partnering with Kevin and Troy, she continually works hard and with great passion, to provide hope and change for the special needs community.