Darla Dixon, R.N., B.S.B.


Darla is the heart and soul of HemaCare Plus. A Registered Nurse by education, she started the company out of a deep desire to provide better nursing care for the bleeding disorder community. Better nursing care translates to patients becoming proficient at self-infusion, lower rates of infection, and fewer hospitalizations. This in turn enables the patient to attend school with fewer absences, and the caregiver and/or patient, to work out in the real world, something unheard of just a few short years ago. Her desire is to see every patient that she cares for grow into a healthy, well-educated, self-sufficient and productive citizen of our society. Now in business for over 10 years, when you talk to Darla, you catch her passion for her patients and for providing the best possible nursing care and education possible, enabling families to live normal lives, without being controlled by their chronic disorder.

Her experience in HemaCare Plus led the way for her to found the American Autism & Rehabilitation Center. Knowing first-hand how difficult the road can be for special-needs families, her desire is to make much-needed services and treatments accessible to as many people as possible. She continually works to make AARC the best it can be in order to meet the rising needs of the community.