Feeding Therapy

Feeding disorders are usually characterized by a child’s refusal to eat certain food groups, textures, solids, or liquids. Sometimes refusal of food is due to poor oral-motor strength and control causing the child to be physically unable to chew and/or swallow age-appropriate foods. Other times, food refusal is due to sensory issues, and the child is fearful, or has a difficult time accepting the sight, smell, texture, or temperature of foods.

Regardless of the reason, feeding difficulties can be very stressful on families. Our staff is specially trained to help you and your child through this aspect of everyday life. From day one, we discuss ways to address each family’s goals, and customize a treatment plan that meets the child’s individual needs.

It is our hope that, through feeding therapy, your child will be able to accept a greater variety of foods, participate in social gatherings where non-preferred foods are present, and intake enough quality and quantity of food to maintain adequate nutrition. In short, our goal is to improve the quality of your child’s life through successful mealtimes.